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03 Another Year

So, another year has been added to life (last Friday actually). Weirdly, it actually felt like another day in a week. The birthday wishes and greetings via Facebook, Twitter and text messages made me realize, oh yeah it’s my birthday! Well, just like previous birthdays, I did this kind of self-reflection. I noticed that I’ve achieved many things, such as going to a country I had never been to all by my self (a small adventure in Hong Kong to catch TVXQ) and with my friends, I’m currently working hard to make our blog concert better and better everyday. Speaking of our blog concert, I must say that it’s one thing that gets me enthusiastic lately. It might be exhausting sometimes but so far I enjoy writing and editing articles, designing concepts and planning the projects. Also, I’m glad I have the best people in the team ^^

Back to the birthday topic, I have some wishes of course. I won’t reveal all of them here because there will be too many. One from the long list is that hopefully the June trip will be a successful one. I could go to meet and hang out with my brother, see the boys live in the dome and have these wonderful, unforgettable moments in the city. I’ve booked everything, it’s only the visa that makes me a bit anxious. I hope everything will go smoothly though 🙂 *crossing my fingers*

(This is not a good birthday post, I know. Not in the mood for a philosophical post!)

See you soon with a long and proper blog entry!

Deep down I believe my year was a special year: it produced me. – Ned Vizzini


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02 The Gods who Refuse to Fall: Catch Me album review


When deciding to come back as a duo, TVXQ faced this huge challenge: to keep their throne as the kings of K-pop. Keep Your Head Down is the answer to that challenge. The album has proven that with only two voices left (with a highly different range), TVXQ could still perform amazing songs. The sixth album is another major deal. Having kept the big name of TVXQ, Yunho and Changmin need to confirm that they could do better than KYHD. I have to admit that there was this fear inside me that the new album couldn’t surpass KYHD. KYHDconsists of various tunes, and even though at some points its flow doesn’t feel right to me, it’s still a gem in K-pop scene.

 Now the main issue: Catch Me the album. My fear turns out to be unnecessary because Catch Me is a brilliant pop album. Pop might not be the most appropriate word since the album also has hip-hop and rock songs and some jazzy elements. The good thing is although the genres vary, the eleven songs complete each other and together they make a solid album. Catch Me also has the flow, yes it does! The songs have been arranged in a right order so it feels like the album is taking you into a musical ride. A ride of energy, emotion and passion. Beat is an important aspect in the album as well. Most songs are in medium to fast tempo; even though I Swear can be categorized as a ballad, it’s not a slow dragging one either. For some ears, it can be tiring, yet for me this is a kind of music that I want from TVXQ. Since their collaboration with Sukima Switch, I noticed that Yunho and Changmin sing better when they’re performing accompanied by a band. They can conquer the electro-dance tracks, but to me their voices sound more pure and alive when with a band. This is what you’ll find  in Catch Me: lots of guitars and lots of violins. This is what I love.

Catch Me

Having Catch Me as the first single is the right step for their comeback. It is a very ear-catchy song, successfully blending techno sound, dub-step and orchestra. Starting with piano and string section, the song then changes into an up-beat song that will remind you of a soundtrack of an anime. Then like coming out of a mecha-anime, Catch Me transforms into a dub-step track. It seems that there are too many elements in it but far from being messy, the song comes out right with an attitude. Changmin’s scream is flawless, and Yunho sings in his stylish nasal voice. Definitely one of the best from TVXQ.


Viva is the most hip-hop in the album and in here TVXQ sing in a new way, especially Changmin who tries to show some swag in his vocal. But by the time you think it’s gonna be another hip-hop song that you can easily find in K-pop music scene, the violin appears and makes everything different. Viva has the potential to be the next single.


After being bombardized by heavy tracks, Destiny was put in the correct position to cool down the atmosphere. It’s a perfect medium-tempo song to accompany you after a great date. In terms of vocal performance, the two show how good they can be without having to sing in acrobatic notes.

Like A Soap

The comparison with a bar of soap might sound a bit cheesy but it’s one of my fav tracks in the album. It’s a casual song with a melody that will bring this fluffy happy feeling to your heart  🙂 I can imagine how good this song will be when performed with a full band, not just a play-back.

I Don’t Know

I didn’t understand at first why they had to include I Don’t Know in Catch Me, yet after listening the album, I know why. With the intense guitar sound, it just walks hand-in-hand with other tracks that mostly expose the guitar parts too. Yunho sounds a bit weird in some parts though, probably too much work on the mixing desk.


Dream is another favourite of mine. Again, it sounds like an anime soundtrack with the orchestra. Picture the ending of the anime in which all characters come out, smile and wave to the camera. Dream is perfect for that kind of scene. But what’s so good about this song is the positivity that it brings (It’s like the Korean version of Easy Mind). Everytime I listen to Dream I get all smiley 🙂

How Are You

How Are You begins smoothly with piano and acoustic guitar. Then the orchestra (told you there’ll be lotsa violins in the album) takes the song to another level. It’s a pretty, melodious tune, but in a way it’s heartbreaking since you can feel the sadness and the longing feeling told by the lyrics.


Getaway will wow you since it’s a real rock track! We all know Changmin is an amazing rocker, but it’s quite surprising to hear Yunho sing a rock song and how he screams well! If you remember, the guitar intro of Getaway was used in Gayo Daejun clip in which TVXQ acted as spies. This song should be performed in their world tour, I command! 

I Swear

With lyrics written by Changmin, this song manages to make many fans fall in love with TVXQ for the millionth time (and many Changmin stans cry tears of joy). I Swear is indeed a beautiful song that shows their harmonious and soft voices. It’s also a reminder that no matter how sophisticated their choreography on stage is, it’s the voices that make us fall for TVXQ.


If I have to choose my least favourite, Gorgeous will be it. Not because it’s a bad one, but just because I have listened this kind of song before: some kind of a techno song added with electric guitar sound. 

Good Night

The song that ends our journey to TVXQ’s sixth album. It’s an R&B lullaby to a lover, telling her after the hard days she can sleep well and dream about beautiful things. It sounds sweet right, but somehow I can also hear some sensuality in it. Not that I complain!

I can’t help but being proud when listening to Catch Me. For me, this is an album that proves the richness of their music and the flexibility of their vocal skills. TVXQ refuse to fall, and Catch Me assures they’ll stand tall and proud. 

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01 Cheating The Time

Between the hectic days and nights, he sometimes wishes he could cheat the time.

He imagines some quiet moments, when he could leave foot prints on the warm sand and let the sea breeze play with his hair. He would run gratefully towards the wave, only to find it chasing him back. And the water would crash on his feet.

In another chance, he visualizes himself lazily lying in an open space, sinking into the flowers and the tickling grass. The sun would shine gently and bless him with warmth and solitude.

Closing his eyes, he whispers some secret spell to tame the running seconds. Although the days he’s longing for are still nowhere to be found, at least they can still live in his mind. At least betwen the chaotic time and space, he is not standing alone.