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04 A Drop of Thought: Jun. K’s Alive

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I’ve been listening a lot to 2PM lately, and Jun. K never fails to amaze me with his bold and glorious voice. Everytime he starts to sing, other sounds seem to realize that they cannot win and give way to Jun. K’s voice. Funnily, I don’t really like his voice when he talks, but when he sings, it’s totally mind-blowing. And in Alive, a self-composed track, he really put all that he got.

During my short journey with Korean music, I gotta say Alive is one of the best Korean songs I’ve ever come across. Combining string sections, choir, and lots of Jun. K’s swag vocal performance, this song is just too cool for a singer that debuted in an idol group. I don’t make any generalization that idol groups are all musically cheesy, but it’s quite surprising that it came out from someone who started his professional career with 10 out of 10? 10 out of 10 is not a bad song. In fact I like it, but you know what I mean~

Anyway, back to Jun. K. I’ve missed two of 2PM’s concerts here (thinking about it now makes me wanna tear my hair out) so I haven’t got a chance to see this song performed live. One day, Ayu, one day. Also, I would love to hear more solo material from this talented guy. I’m sure many would agree with me, yes? JYP, just grant our wish please!


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