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05 A Drop of Thought: TEEN TOP’s I Wanna Love MV

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What strikes me most about TEEN TOP’s I Wanna Love MV is the setting, Hong Kong. This MV just captures the city beautifully, and its cinematic elements are able to connect the lyrics of the song with Hong Kong’s scenery. Hong Kong looks so full in the frame, with so many signs, lights and urban details, but that’s the beauty of the city somehow.

Despite the full setting, the MV manages to capture the loneliness and despair in the song, as captured by solo shots of the members. Changjo taking a boat ride, Ricky walking on the dock, Niel dancing all by himself, CAP frustratedly spending his time in the midst of flats, L. Joe playing basket ball in an empty field, and the weirdest one, Chunji finishing cans of pineapple while sitting on the stairs. Many long shots are used to reveal Hong Kong sceneries and also expose how they’re alone in the ‘chaotic’ city. The members’ actions successfully deliver the meaning of the song without having to exaggerate facial expressions.

The solo shots of the members:


They chose the grim side of Hong Kong and turned it into a picturesque shot.


What is Hong Kong without its harbor?


The bright orange building steals the shot.


I gotta feeling I’ve been in this spot … You can see how Chunji’s white suit stands out among Hong Kong traffic.


This scene of Changjo dancing alone is such a feast for the eyes. Well-composed.


The ending scene. The words ‘I Love U’ are in contrast with the background.

Cinematography-wise, it’s a truly beautiful MV, but not only that, this MV portrays the emotion of the song effectively. Miss Right MV is a fun one but I Wanna Love has confirmed that TEEN TOP is just getting better and better. I can never thank Andy enough for choosing these six talented and loveable boys.

Like a TV that’s turned on in a dark room, I was all alone.


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