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09 Yes we beat on


Went to see The Great Gatsby last Friday. I had said I wanted to finish re-reading the novel before going to the cinema to see the movie, but curiosity won in the end. So I left the novel unfinished and watched the movie instead teehee. Generally I like this adaptation, which is kinda surprising since I’m a kind of purist when it comes to adaptation. There are some things that I dislike, such as some scenes are too much. Like that party scene in Tom’s hidden apartment? I was like, whoaattt is this? I was also heavily annoyed by Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway. My interpretation of Nick is that he’s the most sensible person in the story. He observes and he sees what is wrong. But to me most of the times Tobey is being dumb in this Peter Parker mode. Only when the movie almost reaches the end he shows another expression. Also, the soundtrack isn’t really my cuppa tea. Just a matter of taste though.

Now let’s talk about the things I like. Carey Mulligan is okay as Daisy, the pretty fool. Joel Edgerton did well as Tom Buchanan. He’s not just this temperamental bulky guy, but you can see how tricky Tom can be. Edgerton is surely the proper villain for Leonardo Di Caprio’s Gatbsy. Speaking of Leo, he outshines everyone! His acting as Gatbsy is just right. His anxiety, his sadness, his tragic life: Leo delivers all of those in a right amount. Even in the scene when Gatsby meets Daisy again after five years, Leo makes it look funny without being stupid and comical. Oh, there is also this little movement of him in the early appearance of Gatsby that somehow touched me. It’s that scene in which he stands on the harbour, looking at the blinking green light at Buchanan’s harbour across the bay. We can’t see Gatsby’s expression but from the way he moves his hand towards the light, wanting to reach Daisy, we know how hopelessly in love he is. It’s that heart-breaking to me. And I can’t believe this non-fan of Leo can speak so much about him hahaha.

I was about to shed some tears at the end of the movie, didn’t know why. When the line ‘So we beat on, boats against the current etc.’ came out, I found it so touching. Maybe we’re all tied to the past, though in different ways.

Now let’s continue reading Tender is The Night, shall we?



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08 1995 All Over Again

Yes, watching Blur live felt like 1995 all over again, and it’s such a glorious feeling. I’m still amazed that after 18 years I could see them live. I bet the 14-year-old me wouldn’t have believed it 🙂 I still can sing along to Country House, word by word. Finally noticed how that song has been planted that deep inside my brain! And I remember how wild the behaviour of some members was. Damon being drunk at the Brit Award? That was one moment I couldn’t forget: the day when Britpop reigned UK. As Ron Weasley would say, that was bloody brilliant! They they were slowing down with Tender and getting more socially critical with Out Of Time. We’ve witnessed many phases of Blur, haven’t we?

A confession: I almost shed a tear during The Universal teehee. Don’t you agree with me that this song is truly beautiful? ‘Yes it really, really, really could happen.” It did happen, Blur, it did. Thank you for being there in my teenage days.

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07 Sunday morning thoughts

Isn’t it funny how we no longer enjoy things that we used to adore heavily? A band that we used to like, now we no longer listen to their songs. We even don’t realize it when they broke up. This football club that we used to root for, now we no longer keep up with their match scores. I think the reason for this is actually simple: people change, so does their way of thinking. We can easily hate people that we loved back then, so why can’t it happen to these groups, these books or these activities that are only “our hobbies”?

I had this discussion with a friend who said that being a fangirl is exhausting now. I was kinda surprised to hear that since she’s one of  the most dedicated fangirls I’ve ever known.  When asked why, she said she didn’t even understand why. The enthusiasm just went poof, away like that. Like I said, it was a bit shocking yet I also think it’s normal, especially if you’re busy with work and daily life. Some people might not comprehend this but being a fangirl does take your time, your energy and of course, your money. When we have so many things in our mind, fangirl stuffs might cause you an extra dizziness. I’m aware of this since I sometimes experienced it too. In fact, I just went through this kind of situation, losing interest over something that once became my ‘obsession’ *smirks*

Well, it’s not basically the same with my friend’s situation. To state it bluntly, I lost my enthusiasm on this certain group that I deeply loved and severely supported. I still love their music but in some way I feel that my love to them is decreasing. I no longer spazz about them like I used to do in my tweets. I don’t check Tumblr anymore to catch up with their concert photos. I even unfollowed some fansites. I know the problem why though, but somehow knowing it doesn’t do any help. I’m not trying to fix the problem. I opt for avoiding the problem.

Hahaha, I made it as if it’s a big deal, huh?

Anyway, back to my friend. She even got confused why she could feel this way. “But I don’t want this to happen.” And to quote her again, “Sometimes it’s the memories that we keep while the object of the affection itself has changed.” The issue here is not wanting to let the memories go.  But we change, everything changes. Sometimes you need to let several things go and just carry on.

Until then, ciao.

Reading: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (for the second time)
Listening to: A.D.T.O.Y by 2PM