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16 One Missing Punch?: On B.A.P’s Badman

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Since their debut, B.A.P has been gaining a lot of attention for their tough and confident presence. While some new groups are having a hard time to determine their position in Korean market, things seem to be easy for B.A.P. Besides the well-prepared concept, I think one ingredient of their success is because they know what they want and have strong self-determination to achieve that. Six months after their magnificent One Shot, B.A.P is back with their third mini album Badman, and it has secured their place in the scene.

In general,  I enjoy this mini album. It presents six songs with various genres, showing the richness of B.A.P’s music. However, I must say Badman is a letdown. The teaser images and the video were provocative enough, reminding me of Kasabian during LSF era. The song actually starts promisingly with its tense bass sound and haunting police siren, but then it fails after the first chorus. The genre transition doesn’t run smoothly. To me, it’s like suddenly someone changed your TV channel. The worst thing is that Badman ends just like that. This song is supposed to be the ultimate punch after Coffee Shop and Hurricane. Sadly, the boxer isn’t able to focus he misses the target.

Fortunately, the other five songs are a feast for the ears. The first track Whut’s Poppin’  is not a special song, but as an opening, the statement is strong enough. Now let’s talk about the other two singles. The only slow track in the album Coffee Shop manages to show the other side of B.A.P. The title says it all: the best place to listen to this jazzy song is in a tranquil coffee shop. On the other hand, Hurricane takes you out to the street full of blinding lights. The formula that doesn’t succeed in Badman works well in Hurricane. It merges hip-hop, house, and a bit of funk,  but the sound switches from one to another dynamically. It takes time to get used to this song, but once it got you, you can’t quit it. The fifth track Bow Wow is a cute R&B song in B.A.P’s way, while Excuse Me is my personal favourite. It’s energetic, proud and noble at the same time. The rappers, again, have done a great job. This kind of song is what B.A.P excels at.

B.A.P stands out with their distinctive sound, and Badman convinces us that they’re here on the right track. Earthlings, get your whistle ready.


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