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34 On First Sensibility by B.A.P


Finally, B.A.P released their first full-length album, First Sensibility, and  I can say that it’s truly worth the long wait. This release gives us more reasons to fall for this group who’s famous for their energy and confidence on stage. Previously, B.A.P experimented with mixed-genre songs in their mini album Badman. Meanwhile, in this album they play safe with sound that fans are more familiar with and polished it with even better quality.

Like other K-pop albums that love to blend many genres in one album, the tracks in First Sensibility also come in various categories. You can hear, of course, hip-hop like in SNS, old school rap a la Beastie Boys in Spy, rock in Bang X2 and sweet ballad in the closing song With You. What makes some K-pop albums fail is that the various genres seem to make the album a mess. Worry not, B.A.P have managed to tackle the challenge. They executed each genre boldly and put B.A.P signature to it, claiming their victory from other new groups that are still trying to handle this problem.

The title is kinda misleading (I thought it would be a ballad), but 1004 is obviously the mightiest song in the album. Even though it’s not like their usual hip-hop singles, it still gives a chance for B.A.P to show what they’re really good at. Leaving the electronic instruments, 1004 relies on guitar work and piano which result to a powerfully emotional song. Another favourite is Shady Lady, a fine song to listen to after  a long tiring day at work. The rappers Yongguk and Zelo are known for their toughness but this song proves that they can chill too when they need to. While I’m sure Baby will be one of their fans’ most favourite tracks. I can imagine the six boys running around the stage, singing this song whole-heartedly to their fans.

First Sensibility is tightly constructed and dynamic, which means that the track list is well-arranged. They didn’t put upbeat songs consecutively and gave you time to relax a bit instead before continuing the album with another heavy track. For me this is really important because listening to a whole album should be considered as a journey with intervals to take a break.

I closed my review on Badman with an order to get your whistle ready for B.A.P. I won’t do the same thing for this review since (1) that will be a repetition, clearly, and (2) I barely hear any whistle in First Sensibility. I have no idea whether they’ll prepare an instruction for fans when to blow the whistle or not. Nevertheless, the beginning of 2014 in K-pop music scene sounds amazing, thanks to First Sensibility (and B1A4’s beautiful Who Am I). Earthlings, B.A.P are still conquering our earth but let’s just enjoy it. It’s an extraordinary conquest after all.


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33 Rainy days and Some Comfort


In the last few weeks, the weather has been such unfriendly. I despise how the rain disturbs my daily activities, and I just can’t stand the cold days. Despite the gloomy weather, there’s always some comfort in things that I’ve been into lately, starting from a simple thing like a cup of hot coffee.

It’s always comforting to have some coffee before you start your schedule. My choice at the moment is Good Day’s White Frappe. It’s not too sweet (which suits my taste), and I think there’s a bit of hazelnut taste in it? I try not to drink too much of coffee though, knowing how caffeine can affect my nerves.

Another thing that always succeeds in lifting up my mood is good music. Three songs that have been on the loop in my iPod currently are VIXX and OKDAL‘s 여자는 왜, 2PM‘s Only Girl and B1A4‘s Lonely. The first two songs are sweet and warm, making me all smiley. Eventhough Lonely is a mellow song, it has a dreamy sound that’s perfect to accompany me while it’s drizzling outside.

And how could I forget books, in which I always find solace and escapism? I’m reading The Custom of The Country by Edith Wharton. Like her other novels, it explores the upper-class life, focusing how bitter it could be. One thing to underline is that the main character, Undine Spragg, is so spoiled to this level of I wanna smack her. But probably Wharton had a convincing reason why she made Undine very annoying like this. I’m still far from finishing this novel, so let’s just see how the story will develop.

It’s also around six weeks to my upcoming trip? I’m excited but also nervous since there are still many things to prepare! It’s gonna be truly special because I’ll be celebrating my birthday there 🙂

Maybe this kind of weather (with proper amount of rain of course) isn’t that bad, after all. You can still find some warmth and bliss from things around you.