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35 A Short Ride with The Bravery


Last nite I got an e-mail from The Bravery, which kinda surprised me because it had been a long time. It contained a letter from Sam Endicott, the vocalist, to the fans. He basically told about the band’s current situation. There’s no bad blood, no feud, they just decided that they no longer have the passion to work together as a band. He also mentioned that each of them is having their own project and interest now. In simple words, they’re disbanding.

I knew that they would announce this sooner or later after Anthony went touring with Morrissey. But it still gives me this pain somehow. I started following them since 2005 when they released An Honest Mistake. Combining rock and electronic music, they stood out in New York music scene, in which the bands mostly played garage rock. They’re not the biggest band from the scene, but these five guys kept improving and were consistent with their music. The days when I stanned them were awesome. I still remember my discussion in LJ with other Bravery fans (because Twitter at that time didn’t exist), I posted many stuffs in the official forum, I made fanarts, and I went to their gig in Ancol. I think it’s one of my most active moments as a fangirl.


I had been waiting for their comeback for their fourth album, but then the letter from Sam confirmed that they won’t work together for the time being. Although it’s a sad decision, maybe it’s the best that they could ever think of. It’s been a short ride with The Bravery, but hell yeah, it’s a fun one! Team Bravery forever.