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36 My concert adventure: mid-year recap

June almost ends, and it means we’re reaching the mid-year. Concert-wise, I had great fun in the first half of the year. I didn’t have the chance to go to a lot of gigs, but the ones I’ve attended were all fun and unforgettable. So here’s the short recap of each concert!


1. LUKIEBEAT (Lunafly and LC9) – January 19th at Jungleland, Sentul

I wasn’t a fan of Lunafly and LC9. I knew Lunafly because some people in my timeline were fans, and I happened to be familiar with LC9 because of King’s hair. But since I got a free pass, I thought, why not? The fact that the venue was unusual (a theme park!) also gave me another reason to go. It took approximately one and a half hour to go to the venue, and it was raining on the way there. When we arrived, we were greeted by the cold breeze. The rain kept falling while we’re waiting for the concert to begin. The rain caused me to feel a bit grumpy, but Lunafly and LC9’s performance made me forget the terrible weather. Both groups performed whole-heartedly and gave fans their best. Unexpectedly, LUKIEBEAT was fun!

2. Genesis of 2PM Tour – March 17th and 18th at Yoyogi National Stadium, Tokyo

After failing to see them in Jakarta and Bangkok, I finally got to see 2PM in Tokyo. It’s my second time watching a concert in Japan, yet this one was special since Tokyo in March was FREAKING COLD. Anyway, from technical aspects, the lighting and the sound of the concert were awesome. Not to mention the grand opening VCR! I remember I gasped watching it hahaha.  I was also glad I could see Wooyoung again, even though after what had happened I wasn’t that excited anymore hehehe. It’s too bad Jun. K and Taecyeon were not really fit at that time (I blamed their schedule for this).

I’ve travelled that far to see 2PM, wow. Was it worth it? Honestly, if I remember the concerts, I still wish if only Jun. K and Taecyeon had been healthy, it would have left a better impression to me. Well, let’s just hope that my next 2PM’s concert will be a more awesome experience 🙂

3. MBLAQ – March 18th at Zepp Tokyo

Although it’s only a release event of their new single, I enjoyed it since I had been missing MBLAQ after their concert in Jakarta in 2012. The boys were lovely as usual, especially Mir my Energizer bunny! Lee Joon also looked super gorgeous, my sister and I kept commenting how he shone that day! Actually there was a high-five session after that if you bought the single. But but but I didn’t prepare money for it so I had to slip it. UGH I SHOULD’VE TAKEN THE CHANCE TO TOUCH JOON’S PALMS.

4. B.A.P Live on Earth Singapore Attack – May 31st at The Star Theatre

THIS is seriously one of the best K-pop concerts I’ve ever attended. I enjoyed every moment of B.A.P’s performance, and the concert has left me with mixed emotions. I was happy, excited, proud and touched at the same time. So far only two concerts that managed to make me feel like this: TVXQ’s Catch Me World Tour in Hong Kong and Live on Earth Singapore. Okay, this might sound embarrassing but I did sob hard on my friend’s shoulder after the concert. Like I said, too many emotions in my chest at that time. I guess my only way to express them was by crying hahaha.

Experience has brought B.A.P this far, and I felt so honoured I had the opportunity to see these amazing boys on stage. Can’t wait to see more from B.A.P! (read my review of LOE SG here)