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42 Missing the red ocean

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As you can see in my Twitter, I’m having so many feels about TVXQ lately. I miss them. I miss being in the fiery red ocean so much. The last time I went to see them is in June 2013 for Time Tour in Tokyo Dome, and last year I didn’t go to see them at all because I allocated my money for other groups’ concerts. But it finally hits me hard that Yunho will enlist this year and I should go to their concert again before he’s going. I hope that T1ST0RY will come to Bangkok or Singapore so I can ‘say goodbye’ to Yunho. (I’m so overwhelmed by emotion everytime I think he’s enlisting this year)

Being in the red ocean is always an unforgettable experience for me. I managed to see TVXQ several times, and each moment is a precious event I’ll never forget. The first one is in Singapore for their Fan Party in 2011. This one is incredibly special because I won a competition and could ask a question to Yunho and Changmin directly at the fanparty. They said hi to me, waved at me, and Yunho even giggled when I mentioned I’m from Indonesia. And I think since that moment I became this head over heels over Jung Yunho 🙂

The second one is in SMTOWN Jakarta back then in 2012. Well, this was memorable not in a good way because I had to wait around two hours before TVXQ finally came out? Yet that night the two showed who the kings really are. They were so energetic and charismatic on stage, I couldn’t help but being proud. It’s also their first time performing in Indonesia so I’m glad Indonesian Cassiopeias finally could see them after waiting for a long time.

Then in 2013 I went to a country that I had never been all by myself just to catch Catch Me World Tour in Hong Kong. I don’t understand from where I got the courage to do this lol. I just thought I had to see the boys’ full concert at least once in a lifetime, I had to go. So I planned everything on my own, fought my worry and flew to Hong Kong. It’s totally worth it: the best K-pop concert I’ve ever attended. (Read the full story here)


I went to Tohoshinki’s Dome Tour in 2013, which I called my personal Summer Dream 🙂 I was aware that I shouldn’t expect to be close to the stage in Tokyo Dome (different from Hong Kong where I was soooo close to the stage). But I wanted the experience, I desired to see the massive red ocean. Overall, I enjoyed the concert in Hong Kong even more because I could dance and run freely at the standing section. However, the atmosphere in Tokyo Dome is one of a kind, a feeling that you must experience at least once in a lifetime. (Go to this link for the full story!)

I listen and love many groups but I always go back to TVXQ. In K-pop fandom, I suppose they’re my home and red ocean is where I always belong to. To quote my sister and modify it a bit, they’re not my whole life, but they make my life whole. So here’s wishing more and more decades for the rising gods of the east and its grand red ocean!


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