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69 Life etc

My life has been pretty good lately, alhamdulillah. Many good things came around, I met many people, and we’re starting a new project. Work has been friendly as well, which means I still can handle it. I also feel that I managed to do a lot of stuffs these days, thanks to less time spent in social media! I think I have to stay away from Twitter more often to be more productive in life.

Books // I just finished the second volume of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. As I expected, the language is beautiful and the description is rich. Gonna start the third volume after I’m done with Sense and Sensibility (re-reading it at the moment). A friend also lent me The Good Omens. Actually I’m not a fan of Neil Gaiman’s works but this book got me curious for its theme. So I guess I have to give it a shot. I’m glad that I’ve gained back my reading enthusiasm. It’s like the old college days, although I don’t think I could compete my fabulous reading pace at that time. Now I’m excitedly waiting for The Mirror and The Light by Hilary Mantel to be published.

Music // Still playing Rise As God on the loop. Such a great album, even my non-Cassie friends also enjoy it. Can’t help but feeling proud of TVXQ. Another album that I’ve been listening to is King EP by Cider Sky. It’s a sweet album, and I love the harmonization by the two singers. Other albums that have been constantly played are Brandon Flowers’ The Desired Effect and The Horrors’ Luminious. Should I mention I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift’s Blank Space and Style crazily I even bought the songs from iTunes? No? Okay.

Knowledge // Really in the mood to learn something new. I’ve been thinking to study a new language, probably Korean or Japanese. Or maybe I should polish my poor Spanish? I hope I’ll have the time to take a course. If not, I might study by myself. I also wanna learn more about art! Really eager to start drawing again and learn how to paint properly.

Trip // Less than two months to my Tokyo trip! If only the fast-forward button did exist, I would abuse it so we could quickly go to September. Really can’t wait to visit the museums at Ueno Park, to roam the streets in Shibuya, to walk along the pier in Yokohama, to see WINNER live, and most importantly, to get away from the hectic Jakarta. But before that, let’s process the visa first …

Health // Thank God it’s getting better and better. I stopped taking meds two months ago but still took this turmeric extract. Have stopped taking that as well. Now I’m focusing more on consuming healthy food (more veggies , fruit and protein!) and honey to boost my immunity, exercising and having enough rest. I learned it the hard way and now I understand how important health is.

Gonna leave you with this cute song and MV by Brandon Flowers. Adieu, ladies and lads.


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68 “I’d rather be myself.”

Several days ago, I came across a Twitter account that tweets bad things about Changmin. She/he calls him bad names, and almost every tweet talks about Changmin’s so-called bad attitude. Wow, she/he must be really obsessed with Changmin, like, every tweet is dedicated to him! But actually, despite the account’s silly behaviour, I think I can understand why some people don’t like Changmin. But what these haters loathe about him is actually Changmin’s personality that I admire.

Changmin never fakes himself. In my opinion, he’s one of the most genuine idols out there. I once discussed this with a fellow Cassie about how Changmin is always honest about his feelings. If he doesn’t like something, he expresses it bluntly. And even if he doesn’t say it, you don’t have to speculate what he’s feeling at the moment. His facial expression just shows it all. He also never sugar-coats his words, and this might be the reason why some people are annoyed by his straightforwardness.

Not to mention how Changmin is really realistic. If Yunho is sometimes naïve, Changmin is the opposite. He’s very alert. And I think it’s a good thing because they basically complete each other. Another thing is that Changmin is not selling fantasy to his fans. I’m sure we all know how he constantly tells his fans to get a boyfriend. He also wants us to always treasure our own lives and not to make him the centre of our world. This, we need more idols like this to be honest. The ones that remind us to value our lives first and not to waste most of our time for idol stuffs.

Hating someone/something is very humane (although in K-pop fandom sometimes it’s illogical). It’s just, instead of wasting your time spreading hatred, I think it’ll be better to promote things that you love. Still it’s beyond me how can you hate someone this gorgeous and this smart and this talented and with such fine, slim legs?!


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67 A comma, not a full stop: see you later, Yunho!

“Am I being over-dramatic?” That’s the question I asked my friend after I told her about Yunho’s enlistment. It never occured to me before that an idol going for military service could affect me this emotionally. I previously had no idea that it would be this poignant. I’m not saying that Yunho’s enlistment hits me too hard I can’t continue my life, but it does make a difference. My fangirl’s life will be really empty without him around.


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U-Know Yunho is this figure on stage that always amazes me. He always gives his everything everytime he’s performing. A charismatic leader and a hard-worker, sometimes pushing himself to the limit. There are many sides of Yunho that I don’t know since I’m not his friend or anything. I’m talking as a fan, and never once I regret being one. To me he’s the embodiment of dedication, compassion, strength and consistency. Basically all of the virtues I wish I had. Another thing about Yunho is that I always feel I can always put my trust in him. That is why I’m with him, that’s why I’m with TVXQ.

All of the photos in Twitter that show him leaving got me emotional. I still want to see him in a concert, jumping around and having fun with Changmin, Cassiopeias and Bigeasts. Yet at the same time I’m proud to see him serving as an active soldier. I’m sure that he will do well in the military!

Back to my question in the beginning, my friend answered no, you’re not. “Inspiration can come from anyone, anything. In your case, it’s from Yunho.” Yes, Jung Yunho is not only a pop idol to me. He’s an inspiration, a person that I always aspire to be. For now I can only wish for his health and well-being, while here I will strive to be a better person as well 🙂


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Thank you for being the amazing U-Know Yunho for twelve years! Now it’s time for Jung Yunho to live and enjoy his life. Can’t wait to see you in 2017, love! ❤

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66 A Drop of Thoughts: TVXQ’s Rise As God


Even though there had been rumours before, Rise As God still came as a surprise for me. A sweet one, to be exact. As a gift for fans before their hiatus due to military enlistment, TVXQ surely have satisfied Cassiopeias with this album. Tense was a musically solid album, so I think it’ll be tough to surpass it. Rise As God may not have the unity like Tense does. It’s something different, and it’s indeed another progress for TVXQ’s music.

The album begins with Vertigo, a sleek, mysterious song with haunting bass sound. It doesn’t sound like a song from a K-pop group, more like a track taken from a British indie rock album. I personally love this kind of dark song for TVXQ. Next we have the two title tracks, Champagne and Rise As One. The two songs show Yunho’s and Changmin’s different personalities and abilities. Champagne is funky and groovy, a summer tune. It really represents Yunho’s bright personality. Meanwhile, Rise As One starts with acoustic guitar before transforming into an energetic dance anthem. My guess that it would be a heavy rock song was wrong, but Rise As One is another achievement for Changmin. His voice is perfect for this song. Again, he amazes me with the versatility of his voice.

We have more solo songs in Rise As God, Apology for Changmin and Komplikated for Yunho. Apology is a smooth R&B track, not exactly my genre to be honest. Yet it seems to me that Changmin always manages to tackle any genre stunningly, and he does it again with Apology. But actually what amazes me more is Komplikated. I never thought that Yunho’s nasal voice would be suitable for this kind of clubbing dance track. Seulong, you have a new contender here!

As a fan of TVXQ, this album satisfies my thirst for TVXQ’s Korean releases, even more than I expected. Each track is a gem and immaculately produced, but if I have to choose my top 5 songs, they would be Vertigo, the two title tracks, Top of The World and Lucky Star. Top of The World is my jam for its groovy beat and positive mood, and their voices in this song are such a feast for my ears. If they could promote a song together, I would vote for Top of The World. Lucky Star also serves well as the closing song. It’s a rock track that again demonstrates TVXQ’s flexible singing skills. When they sing the line “I’m your lucky star,”, I can’t help but thinking that yes, they’re our lucky stars. Besides those songs, we also have the cheerful, jazzy Smile and Everyday It Rains that is, of course, a fitting song for rainy days.

Even though we know it’s temporary, it’s never easy to say goodbye. One thing I’m grateful about is that TVXQ bid farewell with their music, with an album that I will definitely listen to again and again while waiting for their prodigious comeback later in 2017. TVXQ were once broken and bent, but then they refused to surrender. This time, with Rise As God they rise again, and I hope they will never stop rising.

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65 Setelah Ramadhan

Hari terakhir Ramadhan dan gue lagi merenungi gue udah ngapain aja selama Ramadhan kemarin. Karena gue gak banyak jadwal ngajar, gue kebanyakan di rumah, tidur atau baca. Paling sering mantengin Twitter, nyinyir dan menghakimi orang lain. Media sosial emang ujian terbesar gue saat lagi puasa. Pasti ada aja yang pengen dikomentarin atau dijadiin masalah. Apalagi entah kenapa selama Ramadhan ini timeline gue rasanya rame banget sama segala macam perdebatan mulai dari isu serius sampe isu yang terlalu dianggap serius. Kadang pengen nyuekin aja, tapi gak jarang juga gue gatel pengen ikutan komentar.

Yang patut untuk disyukuri adalah gue bisa berpuasa setelah sakit lambung yang lumayan parah beberapa bulan lalu. Terlepas dari masa haid, gue bisa berpuasa penuh. I feel proud of myself. Kayak anak kecil ya jadinya, bisa nahan lapar haus aja bangga hehehe. Lebaran semakin dekat dan ada perasaan campur aduk, seneng karena bisa melalui Ramadhan tapi gue sadar gue pasti bakal kangen masa-masa sahur dan buka puasa bareng keluarga. Ada rasa sedih karena Lebaran kali ini gak bisa dirayakan bareng adek dan adek ipar yang masih di Jepang. Tapi harus tetap bersyukur, gimana pun juga 🙂

Dipikir-pikir, banyak waktu gue yang terbuang begitu saja Ramadhan tahun ini. Sayang banget. Semoga tahun-tahun berikutnya bisa ketemu Ramadhan lagi dan bisa memanfaatkannya dengan lebih baik, amin. Buat yang merayakan Idul Fitri, mohon maaf lahir batin ya. Enjoy the special day with your beloved ones! ❤

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64 Why July 8th is awesome like that


Reasons why the eighth day of July is fab, alhamdulillah:

My bro passed his dissertation defense. As some of you probably know, my little brother has been studying in Japan for almost three years. And yesterday, the defense was successful and he finally obtained his PhD. He’s such a hardworking young man, and I’m proud beyond words.

Our concert blog celebrated its three years! I gotta say the three years has been amazing. We’ve been to many awesome concerts, met talented and inspiring people and got priceless experiences. So three cheers for more years to grow and shine!

Yunho’s U KNOW Y is released. I’ve pre-ordered the album but due to the public holiday, I think I’ll receive it after Eid. I didn’t plan to buy it at first because it’s frikkin’ pricey! But I thought I should have it as a gift for myself before his enlistment. So, THR? What is THR?

I won the ballot for WINNER Japan Tour ticket! Such a sweet coincidence that they will be touring in Japan in September. I’m going to Kanagawa’s leg on September 27th, and this will be my second time seeing them after YG Family Concert last year in Singapore. Now I hope I’ll win the fansign/send-off session so the concert will be much more perfect. I hope I don’t ask too much? *grins*

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63 Ramadan so far and everything else

10 hari lagi Lebaran! Buat gue pribadi, Ramadan kali ini senengnya lebih besar dari tahun kemarin karena tahun ini tantangannya juga lebih besar. Awal puasa gue lumayan tegang karena takut gak bisa berpuasa dengan baik, mengingat lambung gue yang bermasalah kemarin-kemarin. Di Minggu pertama memang sempet mual dan lemes, kayaknya badan masih menyesuaikan diri ya. Tapi alhamdulillah semakin ke sini puasa semakin mudah untuk dijalani karena udah nemu pola makan yang pas. Yang penting jangan makan terlalu banyak baik pas puasa dan sahur, dan jangan langsung tidur setelah sahur. Gue memang lebih sering gak tidur sih setelah sahur. Semoga sisa Ramadan ini juga bisa dijalani dengan baik ya 🙂

Dan gak kerasa tinggal dua minggu lagi sebelum Yunho wamil. Gak mau mewek dan penuh drama, tapi tetep aja ngerasa dunia fangirling gue bakal sepi banget kalo gak ada Yunho, Changmin dan TVXQ. Malahan gue mikir untuk hiatus sementara waktu sampai TVXQ balik di 2017. Yah, paling nggak mengurangi waktu dan dana untuk fangirling. Uangnya dialihkan untuk jalan-jalan dan kuliah S3. Gue yakin bakal susah sih ngurangin spazzing K-pop karena selama lima tahun itu udah jadi bagian hidup gue sehari-hari. Tapi mari kita coba ya, anggap aja ini waktu yang tepat untuk mencari pengalaman di bidang lain!

Sampai September ini sih kayaknya uang gue masih buat fangirling-an karena gue berencana borong DVD Tohoshinki dan nonton konser WINNER pas ke Jepang. Mana kabarnya WINNER mau comeback tahun ini. Jadi bagaimana itu tekad gue di paragraf sebelumnya?! *laughs bitterlyAnyway, mungkin dijalani dengan santai aja kali ya. Kalo terlalu dipikirin nanti malah pusing sendiri. Pokoknya atur prioritas aja tanpa harus merasa tertekan.

K-pop sendiri lagi gak terlalu menarik-menarik banget buat gue dari segi musikalitas. Bukannya jelek, tapi gue lagi gak begitu semangat ngikutin. Apalagi promo 2PM udah selesai, sekian dan terima kasih. Gue malah lagi balik dengerin musik yang dulu biasa gue dengerin sebelum K-pop. Sekarang lagi seneng banget dengerin album barunya Brandon Flowers, The Desired Effect, dan dua album Young Fathers, Dead dan White Men Are Black Men Too. Albumnya Brandon kali ini memang lebih masuk di telinga gue. Hampir semua lagi di album ini enak, favorit gue sih Can’t Deny My Love, Still Want You dan Lonely Town. Nah kalau Young Fathers, gue emang udah tertarik sama musik mereka sejak mereka menang Mercury Music Prize tahun lalu. Baru kesampean beli albumnya sekarang. Heran juga kenapa gue bisa suka sama musik mereka yang eklektik, ada campuran hip-hop, trip-hop dan garage. Vibe musik mereka cenderung gelap, jadi kalau nyari musik untuk hura-hura, this is not for you. Tapi album mereka kaya dan banyak sound yang menarik. New experience for my ears indeed!

Okay, that’s my update for now. Back to my research! Nanti kapan-kapan gue cerita ya tentang penelitian gue!