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64 Why July 8th is awesome like that


Reasons why the eighth day of July is fab, alhamdulillah:

My bro passed his dissertation defense. As some of you probably know, my little brother has been studying in Japan for almost three years. And yesterday, the defense was successful and he finally obtained his PhD. He’s such a hardworking young man, and I’m proud beyond words.

Our concert blog celebrated its three years! I gotta say the three years has been amazing. We’ve been to many awesome concerts, met talented and inspiring people and got priceless experiences. So three cheers for more years to grow and shine!

Yunho’s U KNOW Y is released. I’ve pre-ordered the album but due to the public holiday, I think I’ll receive it after Eid. I didn’t plan to buy it at first because it’s frikkin’ pricey! But I thought I should have it as a gift for myself before his enlistment. So, THR? What is THR?

I won the ballot for WINNER Japan Tour ticket! Such a sweet coincidence that they will be touring in Japan in September. I’m going to Kanagawa’s leg on September 27th, and this will be my second time seeing them after YG Family Concert last year in Singapore. Now I hope I’ll win the fansign/send-off session so the concert will be much more perfect. I hope I don’t ask too much? *grins*