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68 “I’d rather be myself.”

Several days ago, I came across a Twitter account that tweets bad things about Changmin. She/he calls him bad names, and almost every tweet talks about Changmin’s so-called bad attitude. Wow, she/he must be really obsessed with Changmin, like, every tweet is dedicated to him! But actually, despite the account’s silly behaviour, I think I can understand why some people don’t like Changmin. But what these haters loathe about him is actually Changmin’s personality that I admire.

Changmin never fakes himself. In my opinion, he’s one of the most genuine idols out there. I once discussed this with a fellow Cassie about how Changmin is always honest about his feelings. If he doesn’t like something, he expresses it bluntly. And even if he doesn’t say it, you don’t have to speculate what he’s feeling at the moment. His facial expression just shows it all. He also never sugar-coats his words, and this might be the reason why some people are annoyed by his straightforwardness.

Not to mention how Changmin is really realistic. If Yunho is sometimes naïve, Changmin is the opposite. He’s very alert. And I think it’s a good thing because they basically complete each other. Another thing is that Changmin is not selling fantasy to his fans. I’m sure we all know how he constantly tells his fans to get a boyfriend. He also wants us to always treasure our own lives and not to make him the centre of our world. This, we need more idols like this to be honest. The ones that remind us to value our lives first and not to waste most of our time for idol stuffs.

Hating someone/something is very humane (although in K-pop fandom sometimes it’s illogical). It’s just, instead of wasting your time spreading hatred, I think it’ll be better to promote things that you love. Still it’s beyond me how can you hate someone this gorgeous and this smart and this talented and with such fine, slim legs?!


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