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My life has been pretty good lately, alhamdulillah. Many good things came around, I met many people, and we’re starting a new project. Work has been friendly as well, which means I still can handle it. I also feel that I managed to do a lot of stuffs these days, thanks to less time spent in social media! I think I have to stay away from Twitter more often to be more productive in life.

Books // I just finished the second volume of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. As I expected, the language is beautiful and the description is rich. Gonna start the third volume after I’m done with Sense and Sensibility (re-reading it at the moment). A friend also lent me The Good Omens. Actually I’m not a fan of Neil Gaiman’s works but this book got me curious for its theme. So I guess I have to give it a shot. I’m glad that I’ve gained back my reading enthusiasm. It’s like the old college days, although I don’t think I could compete my fabulous reading pace at that time. Now I’m excitedly waiting for The Mirror and The Light by Hilary Mantel to be published.

Music // Still playing Rise As God on the loop. Such a great album, even my non-Cassie friends also enjoy it. Can’t help but feeling proud of TVXQ. Another album that I’ve been listening to is King EP by Cider Sky. It’s a sweet album, and I love the harmonization by the two singers. Other albums that have been constantly played are Brandon Flowers’ The Desired Effect and The Horrors’ Luminious. Should I mention I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift’s Blank Space and Style crazily I even bought the songs from iTunes? No? Okay.

Knowledge // Really in the mood to learn something new. I’ve been thinking to study a new language, probably Korean or Japanese. Or maybe I should polish my poor Spanish? I hope I’ll have the time to take a course. If not, I might study by myself. I also wanna learn more about art! Really eager to start drawing again and learn how to paint properly.

Trip // Less than two months to my Tokyo trip! If only the fast-forward button did exist, I would abuse it so we could quickly go to September. Really can’t wait to visit the museums at Ueno Park, to roam the streets in Shibuya, to walk along the pier in Yokohama, to see WINNER live, and most importantly, to get away from the hectic Jakarta. But before that, let’s process the visa first …

Health // Thank God it’s getting better and better. I stopped taking meds two months ago but still took this turmeric extract. Have stopped taking that as well. Now I’m focusing more on consuming healthy food (more veggies , fruit and protein!) and honey to boost my immunity, exercising and having enough rest. I learned it the hard way and now I understand how important health is.

Gonna leave you with this cute song and MV by Brandon Flowers. Adieu, ladies and lads.


Author: a!

I just love pouring words that have been floating inside my brain. Mostly the words are about music, concerts, books and travelling.

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