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78 A Drop of Thought: Obsession

Admit it. We fangirls and fanboys are all obsessed, although it comes in various degrees. We dedicate our time, money and energy to support our idols. I know, because I’ve been there, done that. But  I’m also aware that this kind of habit can be mentally unhealthy. Learning from experience, I know I have this tendency to be too emotionally attached to my idols. You know what, sometimes I’m even confused how my feeling for Yunho can be so big. Realizing this, now I’m setting my limit, and I’m glad that the universe somehow supports me. I finally have the opportunity to disconnect from the over-attachment and can take a breath. It’s indeed hard to get out from this ‘black hole’, but I have to. I don’t wanna to fall even deeper. Simply put, I just wanna treat it as a hobby, not my whole life. I wanna pursue other goals in life 🙂


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77 An Artsy Sunday

Another Sunday well spent! Today I learned how to paint using watercolour in a one-day course held by Wewo Art. It was really fun! We were introduced to the benefits and weaknesses of using watercolour, how to hold the brush, how to blend the paint and some other basic stuffs. Since I’m a newbie in watercolour, the course is really helpful for me.


Blending the paint is actually quite challenging. At first, I used too little water so the colour became too bold and the paint was too sticky. Didn’t get the transparent effect of watercolour.


First, we learned how to handle the brush. We’re asked to make vertical and horizontal lines. It seems easy but it is not, especially for me who rarely hold a brush.


The second lesson is how to blend the colours. This is the hardest for me since I made the colours more in blocks, they’re not mixed really well. I need to learn more about this!


After that, we painted objects, which were a bottle and a cup. Since I don’t have any art knowledge about perspectives and dimensions, this came quite hard too hahaha. I tried several times and I think this one that I posted is the most satisfactory one (of course after polished a bit by the instructor).


The instructor said that some people decided to use other media because they think using watercolour is tough. It;s challenging indeed, but I’m eager to learn more! So after I got my next paycheck, I’m planning to buy a set of watercolours and will practice more. I also noticed how painting is truly theurapetic. Writing has always been my remedy, but now I think I have another option ❤

PS: life goal added, which is to paint Yunho using watercolour.

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76 “Baby says she’s dying to meet you.”

Minggu ini rasanya super padat: ngajar, bimbing skripsi, urus visa dan ngerjain paper. Seneng aja sih, karena gue jadi merasa lebih produktif dan bisa memanfaatkan waktu dengan hal-hal yang berguna. Alhamdulillah urusan visa lancar dan tinggal diambil minggu depan. Walaupun ini udah ketiga kalinya ngurus visa di kedutaan besar Jepang, tetap aja ada perasaan cemas, takut berkasnya nggak lengkap dan harus bolak-balik. Untungnya sih gak ada masalah, dan kalau visa udah siap, rasanya lega banget!

Mengenai paper, gue memutuskan untuk menunda dulu menulis tentang fandom K-pop. Selain karena mood-nya lagi gak ada, data sekundernya juga belum terkumpul. Akhirnya gue memutuskan untuk membahas novel Burial Rites dari perspektif feminis. Sejauh ini sudah sepuluh halaman dan masih belum selesai, kira-kira tinggal seperempat bagian lagi. Gak nyangka ternyata otak peneliti gue yang berkarat ini masih bisa menelaah karya sastra hehehe. Rasanya kayak kembali ke bangku kuliah, di saat dalam seminggu gue bisa harus disuruh kerjain tiga paper. Walaupun susah, gue nikmatin proses penulisan paper ini. Gue anggap sebagai tantangan aja 🙂

Di sela-sela kesibukan, gue masih bisa menghibur diri dengan hal-hal kecil tapi membahagiakan, yaitu lipstik dan stiker Line! Gue akhirnya dapet NYX Butter Lipstick yang Pops Explosif. Sebenarnya warnanya nude, tapi seperti dipromosikan oleh si mba NYX di counter, jatuhnya gak bikin bibir pucat. Gue bakal pake buat ke kantor, gantian sama Revlon Blushing Nude yang jadi lipstick andalan gue kalo kerja. Dan kayaknya gue bakal beli warna lain dari koleksi Butter Lipstick ini, sekarang ngincar warna merah yang lebih berani. Warna Sweet Tart kayaknya kece tuh. Kalau stiker Line, gue jadi ketagihan buat beli. Kayaknya minggu lalu gue sampai beli empat?! Ya abisan anaknya gemesan sama animasi binatang imut dan warna-warna lucu, jadi susah menahan diri (excuse, I know). Hal sederhana memang tapi nambah percik-percik kemeriahan di sela-sela kesibukan ❤


Aktivitas juga bisa sedikit menutupi rasa kangen gue sama TVXQ. Iya, gue kangen banget sama TVXQ. Bukan hanya sama Yunho, tapi sama grupnya secara utuh. Kalau kata temen gue yang awesome (you know who you are!), perasaan ini wajar sih dan gak usah ditahan-tahan. Just embrace it. Wajar lah ya kalau kangen, biasanya sehari-hari kehidupan diisi sama spazzing. Eh sekarang bahan spazzing-annya hiatus, jelas ngerasa ada yang hilang. Tapi meskipun hiatus, rilisan jalan terus ya. *glares at AVEX*

Oke, harus kembali meneruskan paper. Ciao for now!

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75 “We’ll rise as one.”

The more I listen to this song, the more I fall in love with it. Changmin delivers the song almost perfectly, reaching the high notes in such a glorious way. I adore, love, am infatuated with his voice. The lyrics are also deep, somehow representing the solid bond of TVXQ, between Yunho and Changmin. Changmin has chosen the right song for him. I can imagine him singing and jumping energetically to this song on stage, bare-chested and sweating. I would love to see him performing Rise as One live with my own eyes. Can’t wait for that day.

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74 Sunday well-spent, Margritte and Minako Narita


Spent my Sunday hanging out at my aunt’s house for a family gathering. I always adore the house for its Mediteranian style, with high ceilings and a swimming pool. The house is also very artsy, paintings and artworks are everywhere. They even have a huge painting of Lenin in the dining room (not sure why they put it there …). Longing to have a house like that, well maybe not as big as my aunt’s but I want the same vibe. Oh, there’s also a library with bookshelves lining and comfy sofas. THAT is just my kind of spot. I wish I could rent the house and hold a pool party there.

Talking about art, I’ve been interested in René Margritte’s works *high-fives Jun.K!*. Surrealism isn’t really my thing because most of the times it’s so symbolical I find it hard to digest. However, I love Margritte’s choice of colours and objects. Need to learn more about his painting.


Golconda, painted in 1953.

Another thing that I’ve been enjoying is Minako Narita’s works. She’s a mangaka who loves to put various cultures into her works. Her knowledge about Japanese culture is deep, but she’s also open-minded about other cultures, like Peruvian background in Natural and Greek family in Alexandrite. The flow of her stories can be quite slow though, so if you love actions and fast-paced plots, this is deffo not for you.


Saimon from Natural by Minako Narita.

It’s 37 days to Tokyo Trip! (yes I did set a countdown for it) The problem is that my shopping list is getting longer and longer. In addition to CDs and DVDs, I’m thinking to buy make-up as well, especially the brands that we don’t have here in Indonesia. It’s dangerous, I have to control myself and keep my wallet and credit card somewhere safe. Another thing about the trip, I’m planning to make a proper documentation of it. I promise I’m gonna take many photos and write a series of blog post about it. So so excited to get away from Jakarta, even only for a week! 🙂

Aaaaannnnddd ….  six weeks to catch my boys WINNER! Please remind me to buy gifts for them all! ❤

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73 August 2015 Wish List

Okay, my birthday is still a long way to go so I didn’t make this post with an intention to persuade you to buy these stuffs for me. It’s basically just a reminder for me to work harder so that I can buy them. But if you insist, well you’re allowed to buy me at least one of these things *grins*

1984 by George Orwell (Penguin edition)


I already have the book and I’ve read it several times. Still, I want to buy this edition because the cover is SO COOL. It smartly represents the idea of the book. If you’ve read 1984 as well you’ll understand what’s so significant about the black blocks covering the title.

Stay – Tohoshinki photobook


Very kind of AVEX to keep draining our money while the group is in hiatus! I’m complaining but I still want to buy it though … Luckily, the photobook will be released by the time I’m in Japan so I can buy it without having to spend more money on shipping fee.

Maison Kitsuné’s Shiny Teddy jacket

maison kitsune jacket

It’s Maison Kitsuné and it’s blue!

Keds’ Champion Brogue


This prettiness is like a pair of brogues but it’s actually sneakers! Just ohh-some.

NYX Butter Lipsticks

candy button-horz

Dunno whom to blame but now I think I’m kinda addicted to lipstick. Everytime I go to department store, there’s always this temptation to buy lipstick while actually I’m not that kind of make-up person. Lately I just bought NYX Butter Lipstick in Little Susie. I love the fresh pink colour and the smooth texture! Now I want to buy more colours of NYX Butter Lipsticks, especially Pops and Candy Buttons ❤

Now share me your wish list? 🙂

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72 Waiting for Warrior Bunnies


I felt conflicted when I heard that B.A.P are going back to T.S. Entertainment. To be honest, this is not the result that I had been waiting for. I didn’t even think that they would go back to the same hellhole. I wanted them to completely quit from T.S. and build their own company. But then I realized B.A.P are not Shinhwa. They’re not Block B. They might have a different experience, and since no situation is exactly the same, the ending might be different as well.

It’s very selfish of me to ask B.A.P to follow what I desire. I’m just a fan anyway. It’s the six of them who know what’s the best for them. They’re the people who have to make the decision, not us. If there’s anything that I can do for B.A.P is to believe in them. I’m trying to believe that Yongguk as the leader has considered this step wisely and understands the consequences that might come. I’m trying to believe that what has happened is a part of the rocky road that will lead them to a greater success. In the end, I still believe that these six young men have a strong brotherhood and they’ll stick together no matter what. Can’t wait to see them onstage again, together as B.A.P. You go, warrior bunnies! 🙂