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79 Yeah we’ll go up!


Finally my WINNER Japan Tour 2014 DVD is here after got stuck in the airport post office for a few days. I think they’re confused because of the size of the package. CDJapan didn’t want to fold the bonus poster so they put it and the DVD in a bigger box. Thank God in the end they didn’t do anything to the package and it arrived safely. Unfortunately, I was too late to join the fansign/send-off ballot. It ended on August 31 while my DVD came on September 2. Well, not my luck this time. Being able to see the concert is more than enough for me 🙂

Talking about the DVD, I really enjoyed watching it! The boys are really loud, energetic and playful on stage. They also performed really well. To me, they’ve combined the enthusiasm of a rookie and professionalism in a right proportion. One thing I hope from them is that they will be accompanied by a live band later in the future. Oh, they also covered La La La Love Song, which is probably my most favourite Japanese song of all time. Their rendition is really fresh, and the additional rap part is just right. Two thumbs up for the rapper duo! Now I really, terribly can’t wait to see them live. Three more weeks, insya Allah! ❤ (Funny that September is always my month with WINNER? Last year I also watched them in September in YG Family Concert Singapore)


Catch you soon, boys!

After a busy week at the university, I finally could have time to read again. I actually haven’t finished Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell but I already started I Lived on Butterfly Hill by Marjorie Agosin, found it in last week. It’s a children book yet it contains political issues, which I think is interesting. The language is also so poetic for a children book. So far I’m enjoying it. Come to think of it, I’ve always been interested in children literature. Now I’m thinking to conduct a research on it … hmmm.

For the next two weeks I’ll be busy preparing things for my Tokyo trip. My bro has already designed our itinerary there. Hopefully all goes well as planned, amen! 🙂