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81 Tokyo Trip 2015 (part 2)

Day 3:

It’s my brother’s graduation today so we all went to Tokyo Daigaku. It started drizzling since early in the morning and stayed that way until late afternoon. I mean it didn’t rain hard but since it lasted long it’s kinda annoying. Anyway, the graduation ceremony was held only in a small hall. Different from graduation ceremony in Indonesia that usually lasts for hours and is full of many speeches, the one that I attended in Tokyo was short. It started at 10 and finished at 11.15.




After the graduation, we went to Ginhachidon for lunch. It’s a restaurant that serves rice with seafood on its top, located across the university. I ordered rice with salmon, minced tuna and scallions for JPY 500. The tuna wasn’t cooked but it tasted really fresh. The rice was served with miso soup, as you can see in the photo.


The next place that we visited was Ginza, since I had never been there and I’d like to go to Loft. Different from Loft in Shibuya that consists of many levels, the one in Ginza only has one level. As expected, I went crazy there and bought many stuffs, from make-up to notebooks. I could spend hours only in Loft, to be honest! Muji is also right on the top of Loft, and this one in Ginza also has Muji cafe. We also stopped at the biggest branch of Uniqlo here in Tokyo. Since it offers many choices, I surrendered to the temptation and bought a pop-art bag and a skirt *sigh*


My brother had a plan to visit one cafe everyday before we left Tokyo, and today we had some coffee at Doutor, still in Ginza. For this autumn, they serve Marron Latte, coffee with chestnut syrup. It’s too sweet for my taste actually, but it’s quite comforting for the rainy day. This branch of Doutor  isn’t really big but I found it comfortable since it’s not located in the main street thus the atmosphere is calm and quiet.



That day we had dinner at Hamazushi in Kita Ayase, 20 minute walk from my brother’s apartment. It’s a sushi restaurant that sells sushi for JPY 100 per plate! It was delicious, and I think we ate around 30 plates (the people at the table next to us ate around 70 plates. CRAZY)? I also ate sea urchin sushi for the time, recommended by my sister in law. I didn’t like it hahaha. The highlight from the dinner was actually the dessert, egg pudding. The pudding was so soft, creamy without being too thick. I could eat this everyday, really!




Day 4:

Since it’s bright outside, we decided to have picnic at Ueno Park and visit Ueno Zoo! We bought our lunch at a supermarket then after that we’re looking for a nice place to sit and eat. We found a perfect spot near the pond. Even though it’s turning cloudy, thank God it didn’t turn into rain.




Satisfied with our lunch (of course because the chicken katsu I had was huge!), we took a stroll around the park, heading to the zoo. I always enjoy visits to the park because it always feels nice to be surrounded by the trees and to see other people enjoying the park as well.



Ueno Zoo was built in the 19th century, and the ticket price is JPY 600. For now, the most popular animal is the big panda, Shin Shin. Yes, we got to see him having his lunch.





The zoo was pretty big, and walking around it got my legs really, really tired. But it was fun! I always love seeing many kinds of animals 🙂


There’s nothing much to write about my trip to Yokohama because I basically went there only to see WINNER (you can find the fan-account here). I also spent the last day in Tokyo in Shibuya again, and I won’t write it because it would be boring. All in all, it was another fun, memorable trip to Tokyo. I got to visit places I had never visited before, saw many interesting stuffs, went to WINNER’s concert and truly spent the precious moment with the people I love. I’m planning to visit Japan again, but this time I wanna go to Osaka and Kyoto since I’ve never been there. Hopefully next year, I’m still looking for the perfect time. But for now, let’s work hard and save hard!


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80 Tokyo Trip 2015 (part 1)

Last September, I went to Japan to attend my little brother’s graduation. I was so excited because I thought it would be full autumn there with its yellow and orange trees. But it’s not autumn yet, people. It’s still a transition from summer to autumn, and sometimes the weather was still hot. I had to abort my mission to take a dramatic selfie with a setting of fallen leaves.

This time I went with mom, and my brother and I decided that we would take her to places that show the two sides of Tokyo, the metropolitan and the traditional. We included  Shibuya, Harajuku, Asakusa, Ueno and Yokohama to our itinerary.

Our flight was at 9.30 PM from Soekarno Hatta. Actually I booked our tickets via Garuda Indonesia website, but then we flew with ANA, Garuda’s partner. The flight attendants were really nice and helpful, but to be honest, I still prefer to fly with Garuda because the food is more of my taste. Anyway, the flight was hella bumpy I couldn’t sleep! I kept holding my mom’s hand and kept reciting any prayer that I could remember at that time. It was that terrifying. And when I was being really anxious, I looked to my left and found the woman next to me was peacefully sleeping. Even snoring … Thankfully, the plane landed safely in Haneda, earlier than the schedule in fact! Without any problem, we passed the immigration and customs. After my brother and his wife came to pick us up, we took the train to their apato in Kita-Ayase, around an hour from Haneda.


My bro’s apato was in the suburb of Tokyo, so it’s still kinda quiet. In front of it there’s Big A supermarket and it’s only ten minute walk from Kita-Ayase station. Everyday we walked to and fro the station, and although it felt heavy at first, we later felt the good effects for our health. Arriving there, we decided to have lunch first while waiting for the courier to deliver my pre-ordered modem. Based on a friend’s recommendation, I rented a modem from Pupuru. Actually wi-fi was provided in the apato but I knew we would go out a lot, so I chose to rent with the cost of 400 JPY per day. At eleven, the courier came, right on time. Later, I just had to put the modem and its charger into a provided envelope and put it into a post box.

Day 1:

Even though we’re still worn out due to lack of sleep, after lunch we went straight to Omotesando (I like the atmosphere here but the stores are not for my wallet apparently). My main destination is Magnolia Bakery in GYRE (the nearest station is Meiji-jingumae Station). The store isn’t big but when we came it’s quite packed. I really wanted to go there because I’d like to taste the famous banana pudding. And it’s worth it! Though it looks messy, it is soooo scrumptious. A kind of delicious that will last long in your mouth. Its combination of biscuit, creme, vanilla and bits of banana is just right. It’s too good I don’t even know how to describe it!


The price is 660 JPY for the small size and 880 JPY for the large one. Pricey indeed, but if you like banana flavoured sweets, it’s a must try.

A green spot in Harajuku.

A green spot in Harajuku.

Afterward, we walked to Harajuku since my mom and sister in law wanted to check Daiso and the branch there is big. Because it’s public holiday, Harajuku was freaking crowded. We didn’t stay long there and headed to Meiji Jingu shrine in Shibuya. It’s located inside a park, 20 minutes from the gate. What a coincidence by the time we arrived there was a wedding procession going on.


As the day was getting darker, we made our last stop in Shibuya. Of course I must visit Tower Records! We also showed Hachiko and the famous Shibuya crossing to mom. Probably some of you who have visited Tokyo a couple of times are already bored with Shibuya, but not me. I always love the vibe of the area.


Day 2:

We already left the apato at seven and our destination was the Turkish mosque in Yoyogi (3 minutes from Yoyogi Uehara station). When we arrived, the mosque was already full but we still got space and could join the first session of Ied prayer. After that, we went to Asakusa. Besides shops that sell souvenirs and traditional food, in Asakusa you could also find a shrine. Here you could get a fortune predicted by taking a piece of paper (the fee is 100 JPY). I tried it and thank God the prediction was excellent 🙂




We continued our journey to Ueno Park! Unfortunately the museum I wanted to visit, National Museum of Western Art, was closed for renovation or something. So I decided to join my family to National Museum of Science and Nature. To be frank, I wasn’t really impressed by the science part, but the nature part was alright. The museum is divided into two main buildings, the Japanese collection and the international collection. I personally enjoyed the Japanese collection more, even though it’s quiet there and kinda creepy. When we went out of the museum, it’s drizzling so we directly headed home.





Oh, but we stopped at Chococro at Kitasenju station to get some croissant and milk tea. The choco-orange croissant was the bomb.


Also, finally tasted it for the first time and instantly in love. It’s the best thing ever from Starbucks!


(to be continued)