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83 A short rant about K-pop industry

I grew up listening indie bands, they who made music with such idealism. In my teenage years, I listened to Britpop bands, from the major acts like Blur and Oasis to the relatively unknowns such as Longpigs and Menswear. After that in my college years I started to broaden my taste by listening to North American bands like The Stills, The Strokes, and The Walkmen.

And I dunno how in 2011 I dived into K-pop scene.

It’s a bit awkward at first because K-pop fandoms have their own method in supporting their faves. In indie scene, I could fall in love with a band’s music without having to know the member names (ex: The Nationals). Whilein K-pop industry, somehow you just can’t ignore the members because the companies are selling them as well. Another thing is that most K-pop groups are manufactured, to the point that some of them look and sound fake  (I’m being brutally honest here, sorry). On the other hand, indie scene supports freedom and creativity of the bands so they can be as honest as possible with their music.

I know it’s unfair to compare the two scenes since they’re, of course, artistically and technically very different. It’s just that my personal perspective shaped by indie scene is sometimes annoyed by Korean pop industry that values popularity over real talent and artistic honesty. But this is how the industry has been working for many, many years. It takes a long time to reconstruct it, and I doubt it will.


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82 She moves in her own way


Wow, it’s already November. 2015 has been moving so fast, hasn’t it? However, it’s not time for a year-end review post yet. I’m writing this post as a reminder that life is not a competition.

Sometimes I look at my friends and envy how they’ve come so far. Some have become the manager at their office, some others are taking their doctorate degree, and some are busy managing their family. I’m happy for them, but I can’t help being jealous as well and want to be like them.

But then there are always random moments that remind me that it’s okay to live a different life, it’s okay to live a life that is not measured by wealth and top positions in the office.

Let them run, let them compete, while I’ll be here staying in my own lane and creating my own kind of happiness 🙂