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86 January 2016 playlist

Sejak membatasi diri sama K-pop, gue kembali dengerin indie rock barat, kembali dengerin band-band lama favorit gue kayak Bloc Party, The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand dan The Kills. Dan karena selama ini gue kurang update sama perkembangan musik rock barat (terutama rock Inggris yang lebih nyambung di kuping gue), gue berusaha mengejar ‘ketertinggalan’ gue dengan ngubek-ngubek Youtube dan iTunes. Tapi setelah didenger-denger, selera musik gue juga udah berubah ya. Bisa dibilang selera gue semakin tua hahaha. Gue sekarang mikir musik The Hives udah terlalu kenceng buat telinga gue, padahal gue dulu suka banget! Anyway, berikut beberapa lagu yang lagi sering gue dengerin (oke, ada K-pop satu :p)


PrickedWINNER (Mino dan Taehyun)

Ngeliat teasernya WINNER, gue punya harapan bahwa albumnya akan lebih nge-rock dan menjadi album yang gak tipikal K-pop. Kalau Pricked sebagai entry single aja udah sebagus ini, semoga albumnya bisa lebih bagus lagi ya. I have such a high expectation on them, really.

BarcelonaGeorge Ezra

Pertama kali liat George Ezra di BBC Music Award dan langsung suka sama suara doi yang blues-y. Lagu-lagunya enak banget didengerin setelah pulang kerja dan siap-siap untuk istirahat.

Cinnamon Cullen Omori

Gue lagi iseng buka situs NME dan lagu ini jadi salah satu lagu baru yang harus didengerin. I listened to it and instantly fell in love with its dreamy sound. Agak ngingetin sama The Depreciation Guild hehehe. (eh kenapa ketawa deh?)

Fever The Black Keys

Gue gak bisa nikmatin semua lagu mereka (terkadang gitarnya terlalu meraung-raung)  but the energy of this band is amazing. They also always have unusual MVs, which I like.

Bad HabitThe Last Shadow Puppets

Berbeda dari lagu-lagu di album sebelumnya, Bad Habit kedengerannya rough banget. Tapi suasana orkestra khas The Last Shadow Puppets-nya masih kerasa. So it’s fine that they go a bit rougher 🙂



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85 Do you remember life before Twitter?

Several times I tried to remember how my life was without Twitter. I think before I knew Twitter I wrote a lot in my Livejournal blog, from simple everyday things to film/music review. I also dedicated most of my time to reading, up to 50 books a year. I even had the time to write a comprehensive review of every book I finished in Goodreads.

Now in an era where everything moves so fast, including information, Twitter has become a quick way to spread and gather information. I can get a quick update about my favourite group or the newest books from Twitter. I just had to check my timeline. I also can instantly type whatever crosses my mind and click the send button. Twitter does make some aspects in life easier. Not to mention that from Twitter I met many precious friends with whom I can talk about many things!

Sometimes I miss those moments though, when I can sit down and write a very long and detailed blog post, those moments when I didn’t have this fear of missing updates. In a way life was simpler before Twitter. But maybe there’s nothing wrong with Twitter. Maybe it’s us who let outselves get controlled by the overwhelming information.

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84 2016 resolutions

I initially planned to write a reflective post about 2015, but I aborted the mission since I don’t want to end up being melancholy and self-pitying. I’ll just leave the bad memories of 2015 right there in the back of my mind and welcome 2016 with open arms and a (hopefully) clean heart.

I’m not good at keeping resolutions but I’m gonna try to make a list of things I’ll do/achieve this year. I’m just gonna start from simple stuffs, hoping they won’t cause such burdens for myself hahaha.

  1. Write down things that make me happy everyday.
  2. Eat more veggies and fruits.
  3. Don’t take social media too seriously.
  4. Don’t open social media during classes. (this is tough!)
  5. Read 25 books (which means two books in a month).
  6. Improve my Spanish.
  7. Don’t be provoked easily by K-pop dramas.
  8. Visit more museums and art exhibitions.
  9. Invest more on skincare.
  10. Walk more, move more.

Last year I managed to go to Yogyakarta, Bangkok and Tokyo. This year we’ve already planned a short trip to Singapore to watch Take That! But other than that, I haven’t got any certain trip plan. I’m just gonna wait for the announcement of WINNER tour so that I can decide which countries to visit. I also hope I can watch Young Fathers’ gig this year.

I hope 2016 will be a smooth year, but when things go a bit tough, I’m just gonna listen to this song and remember not to let my demons pull me down.