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91 The late birthday post


This post was supposed to be written and published last Tuesday, but I was too busy dealing with research proposal and period cramps. I just got the opportunity to write it down now. Honestly speaking, like previous years, I don’t exactly know what to write hahaha. One thing for sure is I’m truly grateful for everything that happened in my 31st year of life.

Looking back, I’ve been through so many things in the last twelve months, and I could memorize every single moment quite well. I had my first surgery (memorable, very). I received my first award as a lecturer. I managed to attend TVXQ’s concert before Yunho and Changmin enlisted. I had several amazing trips. A great year I must say.

There are many people saying that when you reach your 30s you should settle down already. Funnily, I don’t feel like I’m 32. I guess my mental age stops at 25. It’s true that I start think  more about the future years, but I don’t wanna force myself to become something that I’m still not? I’ll just let things go naturally.

Okay, now I have to say something to this 32-year-old lady. Won’t be long, but I hope she’ll keep this in mind:

You’ve done really well, I’m soooo proud of you. Just always be kind, be brave, and be enthusiastic, and life will turn out fab. And oh, stop thinking too much. Things will be okay. Enjoy 32! ❤