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116 On New Year’s Resolutions

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I know it’s still too early to talk about new year’s resolutions, but I want to write this post because I really can’t wait for 2018. I can’t wait to reset my life and start anew. 2017 has been fun, but there are some things that could have been better for me (especially work-related stuffs). I also think I kinda messed up my priorities this year. Too much playing apparently.

In order to achieve more in 2018, I want to organize things better by using a bullet journal. Inspired by Uti, I bought a Leuchtturm1917 journal (the emerald one, which I loooove so much) and design the layout by myself (of course I got some ideas from the net). Why do I opt for a bullet journal instead of just a common planner? The first reason is I want to make my 2018 journal more personal so that I can collect all of my ideas, schedules, and experience in one place. Secondly, making layout is actually theurapetic? Yes, it needs more efforts, but designing the pages and drawing boxes and lines are actually fun to do.

I still can’t specify my resolutions for 2018. Yet I know I have to focus on my research. My colleague and I have this amazing research idea, and this project is quite big. So I guess I have to put extra focus, sweat and tears on that hahaha.

Man, I’m so stoked about 2018.


Author: a!

I just love pouring words that have been floating inside my brain. Mostly the words are about music, concerts, books and travelling.

One thought on “116 On New Year’s Resolutions

  1. ah, I’ve been thinking about getting one as well! cuma ya berhubung masih Oktoberan masih going on and on about it, belom eksekusi juga hehe. and of course, I’m not sure I have the will power to do it đŸ˜›

    semoga aku bisa mengikuti jejakmu & Uti juga yah, hihi.

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