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103 “30 Days Writing Challenge” Day 12

5 Blessings in My Life


My family isn’t perfect. Sometimes we argue, sometimes we fight. However, they’ve made me who I am, and I’m truly grateful for that. I couldn’t imagine growing up with another family, and I don’t want to ♡

Best friends

I’m a kind of person who doesn’t trust other people easily, but when I do, I wholeheartedly trust them. People whom I consider best friends now are those I could always rely on, those who could understand me and take me as I am. They mean so much to me. Thus, they can be sure that I’ll always be there for them whenever needed, through ups and downs.

My enthusiasm to always learn

I wasn’t always on the top rank in the class, and I didn’t always get the highest GPA during my college days. Yet I’ve realized my strength is my enthusiasm to always learn, even after I graduated. This characteristic of mine also helps me to overcome any problem that I encountered at work. So I guess this is something that I should be thankful for, yes?

My job

I can say teaching is the job that suits me the most because it requires me to never stop learning. I’ve been teaching for almost seven years, and despite the common problems like troubling kids or curriculum disagreement, so far I still enjoy my job ✌

Food and comfortable bed everyday

Simple things but we often take them for granted. Be grateful for warm food and comfy bed everyday because not everyone can enjoy this luxury.

Next post will be about things I’m excited about! 😊


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74 Sunday well-spent, Margritte and Minako Narita


Spent my Sunday hanging out at my aunt’s house for a family gathering. I always adore the house for its Mediteranian style, with high ceilings and a swimming pool. The house is also very artsy, paintings and artworks are everywhere. They even have a huge painting of Lenin in the dining room (not sure why they put it there …). Longing to have a house like that, well maybe not as big as my aunt’s but I want the same vibe. Oh, there’s also a library with bookshelves lining and comfy sofas. THAT is just my kind of spot. I wish I could rent the house and hold a pool party there.

Talking about art, I’ve been interested in René Margritte’s works *high-fives Jun.K!*. Surrealism isn’t really my thing because most of the times it’s so symbolical I find it hard to digest. However, I love Margritte’s choice of colours and objects. Need to learn more about his painting.


Golconda, painted in 1953.

Another thing that I’ve been enjoying is Minako Narita’s works. She’s a mangaka who loves to put various cultures into her works. Her knowledge about Japanese culture is deep, but she’s also open-minded about other cultures, like Peruvian background in Natural and Greek family in Alexandrite. The flow of her stories can be quite slow though, so if you love actions and fast-paced plots, this is deffo not for you.


Saimon from Natural by Minako Narita.

It’s 37 days to Tokyo Trip! (yes I did set a countdown for it) The problem is that my shopping list is getting longer and longer. In addition to CDs and DVDs, I’m thinking to buy make-up as well, especially the brands that we don’t have here in Indonesia. It’s dangerous, I have to control myself and keep my wallet and credit card somewhere safe. Another thing about the trip, I’m planning to make a proper documentation of it. I promise I’m gonna take many photos and write a series of blog post about it. So so excited to get away from Jakarta, even only for a week! 🙂

Aaaaannnnddd ….  six weeks to catch my boys WINNER! Please remind me to buy gifts for them all! ❤