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107 “30 Day Writing Challenge” Day 16

Things that I miss:

Since I’m quite a sentimental person, I often miss people or things. I could list down all of the names of people that I miss, but it will be too long and might end up boring hahaha.

Lately I’ve been having this feeling of missing my college days. Gotta admit being in college is one of the best moments in my life since I learned incredibly much in my university. It also has given me a new understanding in seeing life and basically all social issues. I also met wonderful people there, both the lecturers and the students. I really miss those days and wish I could live them one more time.

Also, of course I miss TVXQ terribly! I miss seeing the interaction between Yunho and Changmin, I’m longing to see them performing together on stage again. But I don’t think it won’t be too long. 2017 is just a few months away anyway 🙂

Tomorrow: something about zodiac sign, which I don’t really believe. But let’s see, it could be interesting!

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106 “30 Day Writing Challenge” Day 15

Bullet-point your whole day.

This topic was supposed to be written yesterday, so I’m just gonna bullet-point my Monday. Anyway, a reminder that my usual Monday is actually pretty boring.

07.00 woke up and had lemon water with honey
07.30 breakfast: papaya and toasts
08.30 took a shower
09.00 went to work by train
10.00 arrived then had my cup of coffee
10.30 checked students’ homework and prepared the teaching material
11.20 first session
12.45 lunch
13.20 second session
14.45 went home
16.00 afternoon convo and tea with mom
17.00 watched Britain’s Got Talent
18.30 dinner
19.30 check students’ theses
21.00 checked timeline and read some online articles
22.30 ready to go to slumberland

Next: something that I miss.

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105 “30 Day Writing Challenge” Day 14

My favourite movies I never get tired of watching:

Billy Elliot

Jamie Bell as Billy is really, really cute and adorable you want to protect him with all costs. I also love the bond shown between Billy, his father and his brother. What I love about this movie is that not only it explores gender and social issues, but it also expresses the importance of having supports from family.

The Assassination of Jesse James by The Coward Robert Ford

When I played this movie to my students, they thought it was too bleak and slow-paced. But I think the slow pace is intended to build the intense, haunting atmosphere of the movie. All of the actors act brilliantly here in this movie, especially Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck who could investigate the psychological condition of their characters. Some minor historical flaws, but overall it’s a beautifully cinematographed and well-acted movie.

The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger’s Joker is perfect. Enough said.

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104 “30 Day Writing Challenge” Day 13

Things I’m excited about:

I usually get really excited everytime I’m going to have a holiday or attend a concert. But at the moment, I haven’t got any plan for that so I have nothing to be excited about?? Well, thankfully, I still have! Here they are:

DC Universe movies

justice league

Batman vs Superman is the kind of movie I don’t wanna see more than once. Suicide Squad didn’t meet my expectation as well. In short, DC movies lately are kinda disappointing (*runs to avoid bashing from DC’s hardcore fans*). But I still have my enthusiasm anticipating their movies after knowing Ezra Miller will play Flash. I think he’s a suitable actor to play the younger, cheerful version of Barry. His Barry will definitely give fresh colours to the already bleak world of DC Universe. So Justice League, bring it on!

TVXQ’s comeback

The two are still in the military, and I think after September 2017, they’ll be active in entertainment industry again. I’m excited and nervous at the same time to know what concepts they’ll deliver for their next comeback. They’ll be in their 30s later so I do expect a mature, classy concept that still has the powerful image of TVXQ. 2017, please come soon!

New music from The Horrors

I slightly heard a rumour that the 5-piece band is working on their newest album, and I truly hope the rumour is true. Since Primary Colours, The Horrors’ albums have never been disappointing and always sound sophisticated.

Next topic: post your favourite movies that you never get tired of watching.

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103 “30 Days Writing Challenge” Day 12

5 Blessings in My Life


My family isn’t perfect. Sometimes we argue, sometimes we fight. However, they’ve made me who I am, and I’m truly grateful for that. I couldn’t imagine growing up with another family, and I don’t want to ♡

Best friends

I’m a kind of person who doesn’t trust other people easily, but when I do, I wholeheartedly trust them. People whom I consider best friends now are those I could always rely on, those who could understand me and take me as I am. They mean so much to me. Thus, they can be sure that I’ll always be there for them whenever needed, through ups and downs.

My enthusiasm to always learn

I wasn’t always on the top rank in the class, and I didn’t always get the highest GPA during my college days. Yet I’ve realized my strength is my enthusiasm to always learn, even after I graduated. This characteristic of mine also helps me to overcome any problem that I encountered at work. So I guess this is something that I should be thankful for, yes?

My job

I can say teaching is the job that suits me the most because it requires me to never stop learning. I’ve been teaching for almost seven years, and despite the common problems like troubling kids or curriculum disagreement, so far I still enjoy my job ✌

Food and comfortable bed everyday

Simple things but we often take them for granted. Be grateful for warm food and comfy bed everyday because not everyone can enjoy this luxury.

Next post will be about things I’m excited about! 😊

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102 “30 Day Writing Challenge” Day 11

What if I didn’t get into K-pop fandom?

(Ceritanya lagi pengen nulis pake bahasa Indonesia)

Kadang-kadang gue suka mikir, hidup gue bakal jadi gimana ya kalau gak kejeblos ke fandom K-pop? Would it be happier? Or would it be boring? Mungkin kesannya dramatis, tapi K-pop itu udah mengubah begitu banyak aspek di hidup gue.

Sebelum dengerin K-pop, gue banyak dengerin musik indie barat dan terkesan ngerendahin musik pop Asia. Tapi sejak tau K-pop, gue sadar kalau musik pop Asia produksinya udah bagus dan gak se-cheesy yang gue kira sebelumnya. Referensi musik gue semakin bervariasi dan kaya sejak gue dengerin K-pop.

Terus K-pop juga bikin gue ketemu macam-macam orang, mulai dari para noona yang ketemu di Super Show 3 yang sekarang jadi sahabat baik, sampai ke manusia-manusia unik yang sebaiknya dijauhi saja hehehe. Gara-gara K-pop juga loh gue jadi jalan-jalan ke banyak tempat. Kalau gak gara-gara Super Junior, mungkin gue gak akan berminat ke Vietnam. Berani keluar negeri sendirian pun gara-gara K-pop, demi mengejar TVXQ kesayangan.

Intinya, tanpa K-pop pun gue rasa hidup gue akan baik-baik saja dan bahkan mungkin lebih tenang. Tapi dengan K-pop-lah hidup gue jadi seru dan penuh intrik-intrik manis 🙂

Next post: 5 blessings in my life.


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101 “30 Day Writing Challenge” Day 10

Something I feel strongly for.

When I wrote my undergraduate thesis about gay literature, I read many books and references about the issues of homosexuality. And when I continued my study, I wrote about transgender identity in Breakfast in Pluto for my postgraduate thesis. Since then, I have this special concern for gender and sexuality issues.

The first thing that I did when I was finally aware about the issues is to reflect. Have I used offensive language to the LGBT people before? Have I in a way underestimated their life and choices? So basically, I started with myself. Now I don’t want to use the words ‘bencong’ or ‘banci’ because I’ve realized how offensive those words could be.

I’ve also written several academic articles on women’s issues that I hope will help people understand more about women and their problems. Not only for academic environment, I also try to open any discussion about gender in my class or in my social media. Furthermore, I hope to hear more about the experience from the LGBT people themselves.

For now, I’m focusing on masculinity and its relation to other aspects in life. Why masculinity? Because I think men at the same are also burdened by the necessity of being masculine or else they’ll not be considered ‘real men’. A possible topic for a dissertation maybe?

Next topic: something you always think ‘what if …’ about