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109 My 2016

Personally, 2016 has been a year full of learning for me. Not only that I gained a lot of knowledge and experience, but I also learned how to manage my various emotions and deal with people with different personalities, ideas and background. Can’t help but being grateful for that. And eventhough 2016 is a heartbreaking year in general for the world, if we look back and try to see things with a clearer perspective, there are still many awesome things to be happy about. So here’s mine:

Attending Literary Festival/Seminars


The highlight of the year is obviously Singapore Writers Festival I attended in November. It’s a whole week festival that invited many writers, critics and experts in publishing industry, and although I only attended five sessions, I feel that I’ve got so many things to study and contemplate about. Another huge step for me is when I presented my paper in a national conference. I can say I’m proud of myself for that 🙂

Museum Trips


I went to Singapore several times this year, and I used the chances to visit at least one museum during each trip. I managed to visit three: Singapore Art Museum, Singapore National Museum and The National Gallery. My favourite exhibition is Artists and Empire at The National Gallery, personally because I always have a huge interest on the issues of colonialism.

Meeting new people

I don’t always feel comfortable when talking to strangers in social media. However, I feel so blessed that in 2016 I met many wonderful and talented people in Twitter (you know who you are!). Conversation with them is not only fun but also meaningful, and I think now I know better how to build a healthy online friendship 🙂



Take That in March, B.A.P in June and SHINee in November. All were fantastic, all were unforgettable. Attending concerts is always one big source of happiness in my life.

Receiving a special award

After working as a lecturer for almost 8 years, I feel so appreciated when receiving a special award for the lecturer with the best performance in one semester. I took this a challenge to improve even better for the next terms *inserts the muscular arm emoji*

So what will 2017 bring? I pray that it’ll be a year of nothing but awesomeness, health and wonderful experiences. I already have two major things to be excited about, which are SHINee Japan concert in March (my birthday month, yay!) and TVXQ’s comeback! Hopefully all of our plans will go as expected, and we will all be much, much happier in 2017 ♡♡♡


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84 2016 resolutions

I initially planned to write a reflective post about 2015, but I aborted the mission since I don’t want to end up being melancholy and self-pitying. I’ll just leave the bad memories of 2015 right there in the back of my mind and welcome 2016 with open arms and a (hopefully) clean heart.

I’m not good at keeping resolutions but I’m gonna try to make a list of things I’ll do/achieve this year. I’m just gonna start from simple stuffs, hoping they won’t cause such burdens for myself hahaha.

  1. Write down things that make me happy everyday.
  2. Eat more veggies and fruits.
  3. Don’t take social media too seriously.
  4. Don’t open social media during classes. (this is tough!)
  5. Read 25 books (which means two books in a month).
  6. Improve my Spanish.
  7. Don’t be provoked easily by K-pop dramas.
  8. Visit more museums and art exhibitions.
  9. Invest more on skincare.
  10. Walk more, move more.

Last year I managed to go to Yogyakarta, Bangkok and Tokyo. This year we’ve already planned a short trip to Singapore to watch Take That! But other than that, I haven’t got any certain trip plan. I’m just gonna wait for the announcement of WINNER tour so that I can decide which countries to visit. I also hope I can watch Young Fathers’ gig this year.

I hope 2016 will be a smooth year, but when things go a bit tough, I’m just gonna listen to this song and remember not to let my demons pull me down.