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102 “30 Day Writing Challenge” Day 11

What if I didn’t get into K-pop fandom?

(Ceritanya lagi pengen nulis pake bahasa Indonesia)

Kadang-kadang gue suka mikir, hidup gue bakal jadi gimana ya kalau gak kejeblos ke fandom K-pop? Would it be happier? Or would it be boring? Mungkin kesannya dramatis, tapi K-pop itu udah mengubah begitu banyak aspek di hidup gue.

Sebelum dengerin K-pop, gue banyak dengerin musik indie barat dan terkesan ngerendahin musik pop Asia. Tapi sejak tau K-pop, gue sadar kalau musik pop Asia produksinya udah bagus dan gak se-cheesy yang gue kira sebelumnya. Referensi musik gue semakin bervariasi dan kaya sejak gue dengerin K-pop.

Terus K-pop juga bikin gue ketemu macam-macam orang, mulai dari para noona yang ketemu di Super Show 3 yang sekarang jadi sahabat baik, sampai ke manusia-manusia unik yang sebaiknya dijauhi saja hehehe. Gara-gara K-pop juga loh gue jadi jalan-jalan ke banyak tempat. Kalau gak gara-gara Super Junior, mungkin gue gak akan berminat ke Vietnam. Berani keluar negeri sendirian pun gara-gara K-pop, demi mengejar TVXQ kesayangan.

Intinya, tanpa K-pop pun gue rasa hidup gue akan baik-baik saja dan bahkan mungkin lebih tenang. Tapi dengan K-pop-lah hidup gue jadi seru dan penuh intrik-intrik manis 🙂

Next post: 5 blessings in my life.



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98 “30 Day Writing Challenge” Day 7

10 Songs I’m Loving Right Now

I’m particularly excited about this post because I loooove sharing the songs I’m currently listening to!

Fire Truck – NCT #127

I’m surprised SME finally released this kind of swag track. It’s good though, since no SM groups have done this before. I think NCT should keep this kind of musical direction because it really fits them.

The Seventh Sense – NCT U

I didn’t like this song at first because it has a weird beat. Yet after listening to it again and again, it’s the odd beat that finally attracts me. And have I mentioned that Mark is a rap prodigy?

Why – Taeyeon

Not exactly a fan of SNSD (I listened only to their singles) but I like Taeyeon’s solo material. Taeyeon’s innocent voice is just perfect for this kind of song.

Perfect – One Direction

Actually the lyric is romantic in a stereotypical way. No matter what, it still can win my heart. And I found Harry’s voice in the reffrain really cute.

Dancing on My Own – Calum Scott

I found him through British Got Talent, and how I’m in love with his unique voice! Also, it’s amazing how he can make this track as if it’s his own.

Come with Us – Sophie Ellis Bextor

This pretty lady never fails to charm me with her elegant voice, catchy music and otherworldly beauty.

Say You Love Me – Jack Pack

Again, British Got Talent introduced me with a superb talent. If you like Michael BublĂ©, you’ll love them too 🙂

Black Man in A White World – Michael Kiwanuka

He has been shortlisted in this year’s Mercury Prize. Soul and folk, not a thing I usually listen to, but he’s an exception I guess.

Voodoo in My Blood – Massive Attack feat Young Fathers

A haunting video for a haunting track.

All The Sad Young Men – Spector

Okay I admit it, I like (some) 80’s music. That’s what makes me interested in Spector as well because they have 80’s elements in their music. This track is my favourite from them so far.

Next post: share something you struggle with. Uh-oh, I hope it won’t be some kind of sentimental post.

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88 A Drop of Thoughts: Festivity in B.A.P’s Carnival


One word to describe B.A.P’s latest mini album Carnival: festive. Each track is fun, fresh and colourful. B.A.P are famous for their dark and fierce concept, as executed in their mini albums One Shot and Young, Wild, and Free. However, I don’t know what kind of formula they have in their lab but somehow they also have this ability to tackle a colourful and funky image. Carnival is another proof of how versatile their music is, and we always love this cheerful side of B.A.P.

The album opens with Today, an epic track that reminds me of Coldplay’s Viva La Vida. B.A.P often start their albums with a massive song like Intro in First Sensibility and Whut’s Popping in Badman EP, yet Today is different in a way that it uses an orchestra. Daehyun sings the song beautifully with his thick yet soft voice. It’s just a perfect opening song for an album that picks a carnival atmosphere as their concept. The next song is Carnival, a groovy track that commands you to jig, and we wonder why they didn’t select this as their single. I always have this deep affection for Himchan’s hoarse voice, and weirdly, the raspiness of his voice matches with the fun atmosphere of Carnival.

From the intro of Feel So Good, I thought the single would be another Take You There or Spy, but then the bass came and blew me away. This funky song is heavily influenced by the sound of 80’s hip hop. Zelo and Yongguk’s stylish rap builds the groove of the song, and Jongup’s voice in the chorus just hits it right. I also love how B.A.P look so playful in the MV. There isn’t any clear plot for the MV. The boys just sing, dance and play around, showing how they feel so good. And it feels so good for us Babyz to see B.A.P look this happy after what happened to them in late 2014.

Go is another cheerful track in the album. The oooh-part is really addictive, I must say. Meanwhile, Albatross opens with heavy electric guitar sound, and the beat of the song is so dynamic, it makes you wanna jump and head-bang to the song. Youngjae’s voice in this song steals my heart. After five upbeat songs, the party in Carnival has to end, and they chose to end it with My Girl, a love song with the right amount of sweetness.

Young, Wild, and Free is a mighty return after their painful hiatus, and Carnival convinces us that B.A.P won’t stop and will keep giving us powerful songs and meticulously-produced albums. For me, Carnival is a musically and visually solid comeback. With this album and the upcoming Live on Earth 2016 world tour, B.A.P are gonna rock your 2016 really hard.

Score: 4/5

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83 A short rant about K-pop industry

I grew up listening indie bands, they who made music with such idealism. In my teenage years, I listened to Britpop bands, from the major acts like Blur and Oasis to the relatively unknowns such as Longpigs and Menswear. After that in my college years I started to broaden my taste by listening to North American bands like The Stills, The Strokes, and The Walkmen.

And I dunno how in 2011 I dived into K-pop scene.

It’s a bit awkward at first because K-pop fandoms have their own method in supporting their faves. In indie scene, I could fall in love with a band’s music without having to know the member names (ex: The Nationals). Whilein K-pop industry, somehow you just can’t ignore the members because the companies are selling them as well. Another thing is that most K-pop groups are manufactured, to the point that some of them look and sound fake  (I’m being brutally honest here, sorry). On the other hand, indie scene supports freedom and creativity of the bands so they can be as honest as possible with their music.

I know it’s unfair to compare the two scenes since they’re, of course, artistically and technically very different. It’s just that my personal perspective shaped by indie scene is sometimes annoyed by Korean pop industry that values popularity over real talent and artistic honesty. But this is how the industry has been working for many, many years. It takes a long time to reconstruct it, and I doubt it will.

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75 “We’ll rise as one.”

The more I listen to this song, the more I fall in love with it. Changmin delivers the song almost perfectly, reaching the high notes in such a glorious way. I adore, love, am infatuated with his voice. The lyrics are also deep, somehow representing the solid bond of TVXQ, between Yunho and Changmin. Changmin has chosen the right song for him. I can imagine him singing and jumping energetically to this song on stage, bare-chested and sweating. I would love to see him performing Rise as One live with my own eyes. Can’t wait for that day.

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72 Waiting for Warrior Bunnies


I felt conflicted when I heard that B.A.P are going back to T.S. Entertainment. To be honest, this is not the result that I had been waiting for. I didn’t even think that they would go back to the same hellhole. I wanted them to completely quit from T.S. and build their own company. But then I realized B.A.P are not Shinhwa. They’re not Block B. They might have a different experience, and since no situation is exactly the same, the ending might be different as well.

It’s very selfish of me to ask B.A.P to follow what I desire. I’m just a fan anyway. It’s the six of them who know what’s the best for them. They’re the people who have to make the decision, not us. If there’s anything that I can do for B.A.P is to believe in them. I’m trying to believe that Yongguk as the leader has considered this step wisely and understands the consequences that might come. I’m trying to believe that what has happened is a part of the rocky road that will lead them to a greater success. In the end, I still believe that these six young men have a strong brotherhood and they’ll stick together no matter what. Can’t wait to see them onstage again, together as B.A.P. You go, warrior bunnies! 🙂

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68 “I’d rather be myself.”

Several days ago, I came across a Twitter account that tweets bad things about Changmin. She/he calls him bad names, and almost every tweet talks about Changmin’s so-called bad attitude. Wow, she/he must be really obsessed with Changmin, like, every tweet is dedicated to him! But actually, despite the account’s silly behaviour, I think I can understand why some people don’t like Changmin. But what these haters loathe about him is actually Changmin’s personality that I admire.

Changmin never fakes himself. In my opinion, he’s one of the most genuine idols out there. I once discussed this with a fellow Cassie about how Changmin is always honest about his feelings. If he doesn’t like something, he expresses it bluntly. And even if he doesn’t say it, you don’t have to speculate what he’s feeling at the moment. His facial expression just shows it all. He also never sugar-coats his words, and this might be the reason why some people are annoyed by his straightforwardness.

Not to mention how Changmin is really realistic. If Yunho is sometimes naïve, Changmin is the opposite. He’s very alert. And I think it’s a good thing because they basically complete each other. Another thing is that Changmin is not selling fantasy to his fans. I’m sure we all know how he constantly tells his fans to get a boyfriend. He also wants us to always treasure our own lives and not to make him the centre of our world. This, we need more idols like this to be honest. The ones that remind us to value our lives first and not to waste most of our time for idol stuffs.

Hating someone/something is very humane (although in K-pop fandom sometimes it’s illogical). It’s just, instead of wasting your time spreading hatred, I think it’ll be better to promote things that you love. Still it’s beyond me how can you hate someone this gorgeous and this smart and this talented and with such fine, slim legs?!


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